HIV Self Test Instructions For Use

This Test Contains:

INSTI HIV Selftest contain


1. Open test device pouch.
IMPORTANT: Clean and dry hands.

2. Place test device on a flat surface.

3. Remove cap of Bottle 1. Place on flat surface.
WARNING: Bottle 1 contains liquid. Handle with care.

Step 1: Collect Blood

If you have trouble collecting blood, see Frequently Asked Questions on reverse side.

1. Twist and pull out lancet tip. Discard tip.

2. Rub finger and hand to increase blood flow.

3. Place lancet on the side of finger tip.

4. Rub finger to create a LARGE drop of blood.

5. Let 1 drop FALL into Bottle 1. Twist on cap of Bottle 1.

6. Apply adhesive bandage.

Step 2: Test

1. Shake and pour all liquid. Wait until liquid disappears.

2. Shake and pour all liquid. Wait until liquid disappears.
TIP: You may need to gently tap Bottle 2 to get all the liquid out.

3. Shake and pour all liquid. Wait until liquid disappears.

Step 3: Read Result

Read result right away to within 1 HOUR.

Your test result is negative.

Two dots means your test result is positive. You are probably HIV positive. Positive results MUST be confirmed by a doctor.

Your test did not work. Control dot must appear to indicate that the test has been performed correctly.

TIP: One dot may be lighter than the other. In rare instances, a faint ring may appear at the test dot; this is a positive result.

A Negative Result


As with many tests, there is a chance for false results. To reduce the chance of false results, be sure to follow the instructions and use the test correctly. If you have a negative result but you were involved in an HIV-risk activity in the past 3 months, you could be in what is called the “window period” and it is recommended to repeat testing at a later date.

A Positive Result


Consult a doctor as soon as possible and inform him/her that
you have performed a self test for HIV. All positive results must
be confirmed by a laboratory test.

What Next After A Positive Result?
Having HIV does not mean you have AIDS. With early diagnosis
and treatment, it is unlikely that you will develop AIDS.


Dispose in accordance with local regulations. Put all items back into the outer packaging. Throw away into waste bin.